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Quick Info:

  • We produce high energy, family friendly entertainment and educational content for young and young adult audiences under under our own brands and for our 3rd party partners.
  • Home to Piper’s Picks TV® & Deadtime Stories®
  • Always family-friendly content
  • Brands we’ve worked with: Wooky Entertainment, Disney, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Dreamworks, Universal, Silly Brandz / Silly Bandz, Nostalgia Electronics, Oh Bibi, Sony, Paramount, Fox, CNN, food brands, etc.
  • Our Kids Live Action concept was selected as MIPTV’s best comedy in Cannes from judges representing Nickelodeon, Disney, Gloob  and more!

Piper’s Picks Info:

  • Piper’s Picks® TV is the first longest-running online entertainment news show on the planet!
  • Piper’s Picks has always been a family production and, as of 2022 is part of the the family’s larger Silverwerks™ brand
  • Created by Adam Feinsilver in 2007 when Piper was a young 7 and Adam was…not 7.
  • We’ve conducted over 1,100 interview, meaning we’re often the most experienced & most recognized team on the red carpet
  • Piper became the youngest professional & MPAA accredited entertainment reporter in the galaxy (we checked Pluto, in case it’s still a planet)
  • Number one entertainment news show for 9-16 demographic (with a median of about 14)
  • Millions of views, international fan base spanning over 65 countries
  • Huge social network following.
  • Guess what!? Piper’s on Wikipedia too!

THE SHOW: Piper’s Picks® TV is home to the pre-eminent entertainment news show for teens & tweens in the 9-16 demographic (content-safe for kids too)! The show is a super-turbo-charged with positive high energy, glitter, & fun!  Piper is the voice for what Generation Z (aka Gen Z) and millennials want to talk about…on all things pop culture and entertainment.

THE HOST: Piper Reese (a.k.a. the “Princess of the Press”™) hosts the show. With well over 1,100 interviews to date, Piper is very often the most experienced and recognized reporter on the red carpet. With her trademark hair, fashion and whimsical vocabulary, Piper interviews your favorite A-listers, producers, show runners, singers, Disney & Nick stars, etc!  Piper is also a professional actor and appears on the Nickelodeon/CITV series Deadtime Stories in a lead role as Nancy Patanski, the one girl in Castletown you really don’t want to mess with and as Dot on Nickelodeon’s Awesomeness TV.

THE GRUNT: Piper’s Picks was created and is written, edited, produced by Adam Feinsilver. He’s kind of a cool guy…and knows the 9-16 demographic and teen/tween entertainment from the past 25+ years better than anyone on the planet. Adam oversees everything behind the camera from social media to business and legal matters. Visit adamfeinsilver.com. We love taking entertainment and mixing in sparkles and positive energy to make our viewers SMILE!

BRANDS: We do work with brands that we love! We even have a Piper’s Picks® certification seal for products and services that meet our requirements.

MEDIA: Adam is available for broadcast and written commentary on matters related to child actors, current events in pop culture, and young celebrities. We also can partner with national and international outlets seeking coverage.

SCHOOLS: We are very happy to hear from schools and teachers. We can speak to your faculty and students about issues ranging from bullying to online safety. Adam is available for consultation with regard to video production and school media center matters.

MORE STUFF: Piper’s Picks TV has covered red carpet premieres and events for every major Hollywood motion picture and television studio as well as Variety’s Power of Youth charity event, Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s “A Time for Heroes”, Kids Helping Kids: Project Haiti, and The Palm Beach International Film Festival! Piper has also hosted events such as Palm Beach County’s Friends of Severely Abused Children event. If you’ve got a premier event on the calendar, be sure to let us know!

LOCATION: Piper’s Picks TV is based in LA! We have a satellite office in South Florida too! Our show has been featured by Microsoft/MSN, in South Florida Parenting, The Hartford Courant, the Sun-Sentinel and its “Forum” Papers, NYC Castings, and the Wellington Town Crier.

LINKS: You can find Piper’s Picks TV right here on our website or on iTunes, YouTube (lots of activity there), and anywhere that has cool content!

You can also follow what we’re up to on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Adam Feinsilver
TeamPiper {yup, at sign} PipersPicks.TV

Business inquiries only: business {yeah, at sign} piperspicks.tv (not .com)

Piper Reese’s Talent manager: Adam Feinsilver
Piper Reese’s Commercial agent: Carol Lynn Scher at CESD
Piper’s Reese’s Voice agent: Melissa Berger Brennan at CESD

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  1. Hi Jack! Thanx for watching and for the comment! It was awesome hanging out with Aria (and her sister, Daylia)! She’s in the interview with Miranda Cosgrove too. I haven’t seen her in a while!

  2. I’m jack Kilbourne, I’m 18 years old. I love your show and I love you. My favorite episode is the aria Wallace.

  3. I would also love to become friends with you! Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Piper! My name is Navina. I watch your videos and they are very cool. You are so confident and your videos are super awesome. You are also very awesome!

  5. Hi piper my name is Eden udell and I am Alex udell’s daughter and I live in Florida and I got to meet you earlier before you were famous and was wondering if you can email me privately because I would like to work on something with you truly yours Eden udell

  6. Hi Kathy! I don’t use WhatsApp, but I am on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Musical.ly, Anchor, YouTube (of course), and probably some I’m missing! ?

  7. Hey Piper! I’m new to this website. and its so cool. but how exactly can i chat with celebs? plz let me know. it would be very grateful.

  8. You are soooo sweet, Piper S! Keep dreaming and going for it!! There’s ALWAYS acting out there…at school, or a local playhouse…go for it!

  9. Hey Piper my name is Piper and I look up to you. I have would love to act but will never be able to. You are like a role model to me <3. Thank You Piper I really look up to you!! 🙂

  10. Hey Piper I just recently found out about you and your awesome I first saw you on deadtime stories and you rocked at acting!! not only are so cool you have an amzing name

  11. Great balls of PIPER! Do you all especially by now realize that the year of our lord 2013 marks Piper`s Picks TV`s 5th year-long anniversary?! How did i figure that out? 2008 + 5=2013; this year marks your 5th anniversary on the information superhighway; the international internet in cyberspace! You all do the math; and as the lord tarries may God bless you with 5 more years and beyond in Jesus’ matchless name! And never give up; because the best is yet to come and faith says: It has begun! God loves you; he really does! Happy Anniversary!

  12. Hey piper dont know if you remember me, I met you breifly this summer (last summer) at… i dont know where (somewhere in southern california)… A pool at this hotel and you were realy cool, so know I watch your show and love it!

  13. Hey Piper… I LOVE your show!!!! You should interview Emma Watson (I know she lives like super far away, but she’s in college in the united states right now!!! I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan… Just like you and i think that If you interviewed Hermione it would be AMAZING!!!!

  14. you are so lucky you get silly bandz that have your name. how do i by them?i miss you

  15. Awee…Thank you Kaleigh! Almost met Justin at KCA 2010, but he left before the after-party. Hopefully sometime soon. The website has been building up for over 3 years now…it could use a few more changes, but gotta keep the videos rolling out!

  16. I just want to know that how did you create a awesome website like this? I also want to know if you’ve met Justin Bieber. Haha

  17. hey you are aowsome i wanto be licke you!!! i kant interwie poupular pepole becose i live in sviss!!!! but i am gone make a german web show in the holideys is gone be english!!! i hop you watsh it wen i start i am gone tell you!!!!!!

  18. Hey piper just writeing to you to say your great doing what you do i was looking but couldent find an interview with dakota fanning did you do one with her? if not is it possible you can sit her down and have a chat.

  19. awwww you are so adorable. I think you are really good at what you do. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  20. hey piper its laverne again i really like what you do and i really want to do it to so please write back at
    your gonna make stacks of dis $ you probably already have catch ya later bye

  21. I`ve even seen episode #000!! LOL, the trailer. Thats how much I like your podcasts. And I have all of the episodes on my iPod!

  22. Hi Piper!
    I L
    I LO
    I LOV
    I LOVE
    I LOVE Y
    I LOVE Y
    I LOVE
    I LOV
    I LO
    I L

    Follow me o YouTube: PinkPuppyDog124

    Ash 🙂

  23. Hey Piper! I`ve seen every-single-one of your episodes ever since Episode #001!! You`re amazing, sister! =]

  24. Hi piper,
    My name is Laverne i love you show or webshow whatever i on your next show can you give me a shout out pls!
    i now i’ve seen what you do i would like to do it to so pls write back at remember i’m Laverne(BTW i’m eleven)

  25. hi piper,i love your vids i blog about you all the time and dont worry im 10 so ya im your friend on youtube.com im mytvclips1 so see ya

  26. Hey, Piper! Will You make a website like this for me?I do a podcast too and i have nowhere to do it.So will you make a website so i can do my podcast?? E-mail me back as soon as possible!


  28. you shoud do a show about one of the web sites i like a lot club penguin.com
    it is a cool web site it is like my space but for kids . oh and if you ever go on club penguin.com ask me to be your boddy my penguin’s name is ivyharnish1 oh and go on youtube.com/ivy rose sister as snow white. #* (ivy)

  29. OMG PIPER I LOVE YOUR SHOW HOW OLD ARE YOU??? IM 10 AND IM A GIRL! i have a youtube account called CoCoCookieClub (capitals at the beginning of CoCo and Cookie Club

    keep on making those rockin vids girl!


  31. Dear Piper i think u r doing a great job i want to meet u one day 🙂 i just got to pray to the Lord 😀 lol ! u can find me on Facebook i am prauing for u !!! plz email me back i am 13years old and i am in da 7th !!! ttyl plz email me i visit ur website once a month 2 c wat r u doing u r very funny 🙂 God Bless U !!!! ttyl bye

  32. Hey Again! Thanks for the email I can’t wait to see Miranda (hopefully)! I’m about your age and I liked your Hungry Girl Episode!
    P.S. My name isn’t really Jane it’s really Janelle (Jane is my nickname).

  33. Hey Piper ,
    I love your show I think it is as great as ICarly and speaking of ICarly I think you should ask Jennette to ask Miranda Cosgrove to come on the show!!!!!!


  35. Hi Piper !
    Wow I love your show! My favorite episode is your Twilight one! PLEASE do a New Moon review!

  36. Hey,

    I’m a bit older than you, but your a very talented film maker. Wish you could share your tips and tricks with me. Keep up the good work.


  37. u rock! piper! i subscribed to you on youtube cuz i love LOVE LOVE YOUR SHOWS! im older than u and you do better at vids than me! u rock keep it up! ( ps my youtube user name is 24zjb! )

  38. Hi Piper, your very talented for a kid. I could watch your videos all DAY!

    -keep the videos coming!

  39. Hey Piper and Team Reese, My name is Lauren and I wanna say if u wanna interview Selena Gomez message me on my utube. I love ur show loads my baby sister Lucy who is only 1 loves ur show 2. Her first word is actually PIPER! Me and my family have been showing her the shows so she knows you and she just love ur show-me too! Your the best kid reporter there ever is! No offense to all the others! Please email me! And can I have ur autograph? Luv Lauren,Lucy,Mum,Dad,Luke and Sammy! x

  40. hi piper you rock and i think kids rule. (sorry a bit random but hey)

    so i though you should do either these things.
    .miley cyrus-she rocks and i think it would be really cool
    .twilight-my sis saw it and said it was ausome
    .madagascar (both of them) -wow funny and rocks.

    p.s you are the best reporter-entertainer-blooper-pooperer ever in the whole of the news land.

    oh and another p.s please give a shoutout to me please!!!!!!!!!!=D

  41. HEy Piper your show is great You should one on Selena Gomez i think she is awesome. Keep up the good work.


  42. piper

    I like your video I like the #17 of piper picks.
    Can try to put fan on piper’s pick? If you can please email me


  43. Piper,
    I am you bigggggggggggggest fan!
    You are so amazing at everything you do! Luv ya!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. hi piper

    i just wanted to let you know that you are an awesome kid and on youtube, my username is melinda1mani! i think when you are older, your going to become a big actress like Jennette mCurdy!

    your fan
    Melinda (youtube is melinda1mani!)

  45. Piper! =]

    Hey, you may have got my message from Youtube, im ‘OhYesItsKaty’ :D.

    I have a suggestion for your next episode, you could do a dare segmant, like Jennette did for her Youtube page. That would be awesome! But i guess its kinda copyright so you better not lol.

    Anyway, i hope to go on live chat with you soon, take care!

    Katy (OhYesItsKaty – Youtube)


  46. hey piper, i was wondering how did u get that cool changing background and the effects and the theme song its so cool….hope to her from u soon

  47. Hi Piper!

    I’m BrittandAlvin, you know from youtube.com. I ♥ your show! You remind me of myself even though I’m older than you (11). I’m a reporter for a webshow at my school. Well I’m going to be. Anyway you are such an isparation! Thank you so much for starring in this totally cool show!

    Your Fan,

  48. Dear Piper,

    I just want to send you a note to tell you how inspirational you are. I wish you the best with all your projects and can’t wait to see you interviewing the big stars on the redcarpet…Oh, wait what I meant to say is I can’t wait to see you on the redcarpet being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight because you are a big star.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    All The Best,
    Sharon A. Fox

  49. hey piper! i think highly of you! u might be smaller than me but u remind me of wen i was lil. like something i stil do is talk! i thinks thats wh yi wanted to become an actress is my big voice and my love to talk! my friends say i sound like a reporter but i dont know. anyways besta luck on the disney channel contest i got some maijor competion!

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