Piper’s Picks Is Up! Yay!

We’re almost ready! The site is going to have some changes, but my shows are going to get posted anyway. I hope you like them!


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10 Comments on “Piper’s Picks Is Up! Yay!”

  1. hey piper you are my hero please please please call me at [removed] i really want to meet you so please call me and ill answer and if i dont answer than im not home well i love your shows and i cant wait if you really replay i might even have your number idk if its real or not well if you do contact me can you tell me your real number if you do than thx bye

  2. dear piper,
    hi piper i am your biggest fan ever you make so many cool videos i watched all of them in ONE day yup and if you dont belive me then ask me yourself i was wondering if you can go on the two stupid sisters.com its coming soon so contact me if you want to do it contact me at [removed] well bye

  3. Dear piper this is Aubrey Rinker . I have met your mom . You are very funny and I like your show .I really would like to meet you. How old are you?Were do you live ? I live in West Palm Beach .

  4. Dear Piper:
    Brady and Tyler – we love you and just tried to call you on your phone and left a message. Please call us back on our Nana’s cell phone. You are so famous. We want to meet you. You are so awesome. Are you in other movies? Your movies are so so so so so good. Can you send us an autograph picture of you?
    Love Brady and Tyler

  5. Dear Piper:
    tyler says: Piper I love you. I had so much fun with you. Piper’s movies are so so great. Piper’s Picks are the best.

    Brady says: Piper movies are great. Piper has the best movies.

  6. I think Piper is an adorable girl who has a great personality. She is a star!!

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