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105 Comments on “PipersPicksTV #001: Dominos!”

  1. When we filmed this, I just turned 7! I’m 9 now…we’re working on Episode #040! Thank you so much for watching!

  2. Piper u r so cool!!! I know how to add all th sound effects but you guys do it so well!!!!!

  3. Hi Piper! Check out my videos there super funny…. just like yours! there not inapropreate and i hope you like them!

  4. i like you your kinda funny lol grate job. try mama gisspa it is in binghamton you know the caroules capatel of the world lol

  5. Watching this again, sure amazing how great Piper became and looking back at this is like gold. Still rock and hope one day I see you at the FilmAwards receiving your star thorphy

  6. aaaw ur sooooo cute. i love the bloopers. how old were u when u made this video?

  7. LOL! Yes, this one was actually done a couple of months before even episode 2. We went back to the drawing board and released 1 & 2 at the same time! TeamPiper & Piper Reese

  8. Hi Piper! It’s Brianna! If you love macaroni grill you should try their dish that they have it’s pasta! It’s the bomb! You mus try it! I forget what the dish was called because it was so long when I went their probably like a year ago or a few months. I forgot! But anywho! Can’t wait for the next PipersPicks episode! I love DOMINOS! It’s awesome! Thanks P! Oh look you have a new nickname! P for Piper! Thanks! ~B

  9. OoOoOohhh! We were wondering how that was! It’s a carb nightmare, but it sounds and looks soooo good!! LOL! Thanks H & C!!

  10. Another awesome episode as usual Piper! Piper Rules! Great Job on your effects! PipersPicksTV is one of the Best News Reporting Show on You Tube! ~Brianna P.S. watch my Allisyn Arm video!

  11. LOL…Yes! There’s a big difference from the first Piper’s Picks TV episode to even just the second. We’ll have to do a show talking about the changes sometime! Thanx so much for watchin’ TeamPiper & Piper Reese

  12. I loooooove your videos…..You r sooo cute! Keep up the great work Piper 😎

  13. No, you got ur facts wrong dude. First of all pipers last name is Reese. Second of all piper interviews Jennette and you can obviousley see by their interview, they are not related. But Jennete and piper are both awesome!

  14. Hi piper i hate pizza but love cheese and your videos(lol) you are soooooooooo cute i have watched everyone of your videos !!!!!!!!!!!! (i mean it)

  15. Dear pipper i love your show Did you know my mom knows your mom?! Hey, pipper i was wondering could you do a show on Epcot? from: Sarah Rinker FL

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