Who Does Lilimar Ship for Sophie and Bella? Romance, Fashion, Dating & Girl Talk with Piper!

Who Does Lilimar Ship for Sophie and Bella? Romance, Fashion, Dating & Girl Talk with Piper!

Yeah baby! We’re unleashing a MeGa-AwEsOmE Double-interview with the one and only LILIMAR from Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs! The Princess of the Press™ gets the details on the show’s resident feminist, Sophie Delarosa. Who does Lilimar ship for Sophie? #Troyella? Where did she get her SuPeR-PiPeRDeLiC KCA shoes and other questions the world needs answered…at at least we need answered. Lots of girl talk, romance talk, love triangle talk, and fashion talk…plus a bit of educational info going on (that part usually doesn’t make the headlines, but we make it fun ‘round these here parts). It’s a blonde-brunette colorful matchup right here…on Piper’s Picks TV. (That last part sounded kewl to TeamPiper…if it didn’t work out, don’t blame the Piper)! OH! Keep an eye out for a few cameos in the background!



Lilimar: Hi! I’m Lilimar from Bella and the Bulldogs and You’re watching PIper’s Picks TV!

Piper: That’s awesome! Thank you so much!

Hey Guys! It’s me, Piper Reese from Piper’s Picks TV and I’m here with Lilimar from Bella and the Bulldogs Bella and the Bulldogs! So, a ton of the characters on the show have had some kind of a relationship. Your character hasn’t really had much of a relationship. Who would you ship yourself with?

Lilimar: WOW! I’m not even sure I I don’t even know…’cause it’s… It’s also kind of funny that I’d be like “shipping myself” with one of the cast-mates (laugh), but… but it’s just funny I mean Sophie? I don’t even know. I feel like she… If I ship her with anybody it could work out. ‘Cause I feel she’ll have something really cool going on…it’s like for example, Troy. His personality and her’s are like literally the same person. And they’re both like think they’re all that…all this kind of stuff. Her story would be interesting and her and Newt is something like everybody wants So we’ll see where season 2 takes us.

Piper: You have no preference?

Lilimar: No, I’m not gonna say anything. I don’t think I have a preference. I feel like all of them are like really cool in a way. So, yeah. They all have a great storyline. Whichever…whoever it is, so We’ll see what happens. I’m not even gonna spoil anything. I’m gonna leave it there. Piper: [laugh] So, Bella is caught in a love triangle right now. So, who would you ship her with if your’e not gonna ship yourself?

Lilimar: Ahhhhhh! OK…wait. If we’re talking about ummmm. I mean both of the guys are really cute. They’re both so talented in real life – they’re reall good friends of ours and they’re just so fun. Soooo…I don’t know. I mean I kinda ship her with Charley at the moment sorry Matt. I love you, but I ship her with Charley…I feel like I really think his character is something different that we’ve had, so I just…yeah…I feel like it’s fun. He’s a new character. He’s so sweet. He brings different stuff to the show. And then, Matt as Zach is pretty awesome I feel like he should like come more often to our show. [laugh] It’s just like really cool, like competitive at games and stuff like that. That would be really cool too. Both of them are just so amazing…so.

Piper: Yeah, they’re both really great characters.

Lilimar: Hope you guys are liking it too.

Piper: So your character speaks a lot of Spanish. Do you speak Spanish in real life or do you just have to pick it up for the show.

Lilimar: No, I’m 100% Latina. I was born in Brazil. My parents are Cuban. So, you know all we speak in the house is Español. That’s all we speak. Wow! So, yeah, I’m fluent in Spanish. I’m proud to be Latina and I’m so happy that I got to portray it in my character as well. So, yeah. Sophie is Latina as well, so…

Piper: That’s really awesome! Did you get to keep any of the little chicks you used on the show?

Lilimar: Noooo. I wish! Oh my God, they were so cute. They were really cute. They were [cutesie sounds]

Piper: I know!

Lilimar: Oh my gosh. It was a pleasure working with those little chicks! They were actually very professional. Just gonna put it out there. Piper: [Laughs]

Lilimar: I didn’t expect them to be that professional.

Piper: More professional than the guys on the show?

Lilimar: I mean…. I mean I’m not even gonna say anything, but like…no, but they were just fun to work with. I was like expecting…like…chaos with these chicks. They were just like like…put your head up. All of the sudden he goes like this…and I’m like. What?

Piper: That’s really cute!

Lilimar: It was CUTE!

Piper: Thank you so much! Thank you! It was awesome! Your hair looks amazing!

Piper: Thank you!

[KCA 2016 interview start]
What’s Up guys? I’m here with Lilimar. So first your shoes are amazing! Can you tell me about what you’re wearing?

Lilimar: I’m wearing Sophia Webster for my shoes, so I’m really happy that I was able to get such really cool designers. This is Ted Baker, for example. …and Swarovski and all that kind of stuff.

Piper: That’s so cool!

Lilimar: It is so cool. So, I’m very excited for the outfit and helping me pull it all together and really, it’s really colorful.

Piper: Yeah. So, you’re character on Bella and the Bulldogs is a really strong role model. So do you think she’s gonna end up in a relationship any time soon?

Lilimar: No idea… I mean…it’s all up to the writers, so we’re gonna have many surprises. So, we’ll see what’s gonna happen. but at the same time, if she has no relationship, I feel like it’ll be good for her as well, because she doesn’t need anybody with her.

Piper: That’s true.

Lilimar: It’s just her…her and she can do it all herself! So, I feel like at the same time she shows feminism and how girls are so strong. They don’t really need anybody else, sooo…

Piper: That’s true. Thank you so much!

Lilimar: Thank you, I love seeing you you’re always so sparkly and beautiful.

Piper: That’s awesome, thank you so much! Lilimar and Brec Bassinger: [rapping] Jingle Bells Jingles bells, jingle all the way…Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open slay. HEY! [clap]

Lilimar (outtake): I LOVE your hair I’ve been meaning to tell you that.

Piper: I love YOUR hair.

Lilimar: Thank you…It was done this morning.

Piper: Yeah, I watch the show and your hair and always looks cool.

Lilimar: Awee, thank you! I always try to like get cool stuff and ideas for it.

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