Andi Mack CRUSHES It! Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Angel, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie & Emily Skinner!

Andi Mack CRUSHES It! Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Angel, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie & Emily Skinner!

HoLy PiPeRoNi! The #HuMoNGoID new Disney Channel show Andi Mack ToTaLLy crushes the field! Terry Minsky returns to Disney for the first time since Lizzy McGuire (which is in our very top tween shows of all time) and we’ve got Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi), Asher Dovangel (Jonah Beck), Joshua Rush (Cyrus), Sofia Wylie (Buffy) AND Emily Skinner (Amber) here to talk boys, girls, characters, crushes and on vs. off-screen chemistry!

THIS is precisely what we’ve been hoping to see from Disney Channel. Background? OK! Disney and Nick have long been avoiding what’s called “low concept” shows (see this article on Development execs told us following pitch meetings for a show we’re working on (hint) that they only want “high concept” and didn’t want shows with “kids at school or at home.” Weird? YES! We’ve listened to you guys for like…over 9 years…and good low concept shows always work (i.e. Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, Girl Meets World!) Maybe it took Terry Minsky to get things back on track. Hmmmm!? Anyway, Andi Mack (aka Andiland) is AwEsOmE! In addition to Terri Minsky, Michelle Manning is on board! Michelle is behind Teen Beach Movie 2 and Disney’s remix of Adventures in Babysitting!

So, we had some special insight (i.e.. the original script) into what was coming…and saw some changes that made the show a fit for Disney. Somehow, they kept all the magic of the original (kept it real) and still made it Disney-style. Let us know if you want us to go into techie details (or if you’ve read this far into the description).

So, we’re NOT giving away the big secret sauce at the end of episode 1! You have to watch! As for why Bex is missing from interview, Lilan Bowden cut out before our round of interviews! We’ve already reached out…and hopefully we’ll be seeing Bex again soon (Piper does have a picture! ?)

OK, before we spill any more beans…check out the interview…comment…and watch for this show to go really big!

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