BEST George Takei BLOOPER – How do YOU say Takei!? Star Trek & Whales & Turkeys, Oh My!

BEST George Takei BLOOPER – How do YOU say Takei!? Star Trek & Whales & Turkeys, Oh My!

OK, you Guyz! THIS is probably our most popular blooper of all time…and it’s a George Takei Blooper! It’s my intro blooper and second interview with the legendary George Takei (aka Captain Sulu from Star Trek). It’s MeGa-fun and Entertaining! That’s why we’re pulling this one out of the 2013 Piper’s Picks Planetary Headquarters archives! It’s THAT funny!

All goes wrong from the get-go! When I tried to do my intro…well, YOU tell me what went wrong! 4 years later, I’m still not sure (and I don’t know if I ever will be). We eventually move on to talking about saving whales, saving turkeys, Tom Hanks, changing history, and voicing a computer (Majel Roddenberry would be so impressed)!

Oh, if you’re not sure about Free Birds (yeah, it sounds like an odd concept for a cartoon), it’s really good and much funnier than you’d ever think! put it on your Netflix list for Thanksgiving!

Let’s get into a little behind the scenes info! George Takei and his partner, Brad Altman are both really nice! Mr. Altman actually came up to me before this interview and said how much he and Mr. Takei liked my first interview from the Larry Crown premiere in 2011. That’s a HuMoNgOiD complement for me! You can see it (the interview, not the complement #teehee) here:

If you’re a fan of George Takei or interested in Asian-American history, definitely check out the PBS special George Takei: Growing Up Asian-American. It’s about the hardships that Mr. Takei experienced growing up in the United States.


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