Alyson Stoner Drops Hints on Phineas and Ferb Returning and New Music!

OMG! You Phineas & Ferb fans will love this one! It’s been like…forever since I’ve caught up with Alyson Stoner! So, obviously we had to go back and get Isabella’s take on the end of #PhineasandFerb before going forward and talking about Alyson’s new music and a new show on Fullscreen! Alyson drops a hint that we may not have seen the end of Phineas and Ferb!

Alyson and I have done a bunch of interviews together. We’ve covered dance, Camp Rock (Disney nostalgia!), her solo dance project and a bunch more. If you want to look back, just search for “Alyson.” I’ve taken a few of her dance classes too! If you ever get the chance, she’s still as amazing as you remember from way back!

Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
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