Teachers Overloading Students During Lockdown + Your Q&A | InsPIPERation 009

Q&A time! Plus we need to talk about teachers overloading students with too much homework during the coronavirus Lockdown! Do teachers know how much stress we’re under? Educations is important, but are school district directives going overboard? Either way it’s a problem! Please let me know if y’all relate. 

PLUS! This IS an InsPIPERation, so I’m answering a bunch of questions that you guys have sent in too!

*Special note to #teachers: Your input is very welcome! I’m actually a top student and contribute a lot in classes. I always appreciate my teachers and the work they put in. However, I’ve heard from #students at all levels that their online workload has been crazy. Let’s start the discussion and make this weird situation work for you and for us! 

Teachers Overloading Students @ 09:29
0:25 What Celeb were you most excited to Interview because you were a personal fan and were you star struck?
2:32 Do you feel different now interviewing celebs than when you were a child when you started?
4:08 Are you aware that ET might eat you and your Family because of your last name lol
4:36 Would you ever be in. Live action move if you were offered a role.
5:08 Who would win in a fight between Daffy Duck and Mr. Krabs?
5:43 Just a general question really: How many of your fans do you sometimes talk to, besides me?
6:25 Have you ever gone skydiving?
6:35 Will you interview voice actors from anime and video games like Erica Lindbeck?
7:34 What would you ask Walt Disney in an Interview?

Hey y’all! Thank you so much for sending in questions for #InsPIPERation 
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