Best Voice Actors Ever: Dee Bradley Baker!

Piper interviews of the best voice actors of all time, Dee Bradley Baker!

If we list the best voice actors ever, Dee Bradley Baker is near in the top! Perry, Diogee, Ben 10 Alien Force aliens, Daffy Duck, Taz & Cinnamon Bun! Dee Bradley Baker defines Best Voice Actors Ever! Seriously! Since we did this interview, he’s been a part of every major popular cartoon series… Star Wars Rebels (he’s Rex), The Owl House, American Dad!, Infinity Train, Muppet Babies (OMG! He’s ANIMAL!), Amphibia, Steven Universe, SpongeBob Squarepants. The list is crazy long! YES! I DO need a new interview just to catch up! There’s just no way to make a list of the best voice actors ever and NOT include the legendary Dee Bradley Baker!

0:00 Intro
1:24 Lead in
2:44 Viewtiful Joe
3:21 Space Jam: Daffy Duck and Taz
4:16 Animal Sounds & Dora the Explorer
4:49 Higglytown Heroes Pizza Guy
5:18 Random Pizza Guy Discussion
6:05 Ben 10
7:11 Questions with Perry the Platypus!

Congrats Dee on all of your incredibly amazing talents and thank you from all of us who love watching (and that’s like…EVERYBODY)! 

ALL of our Phineas and Ferb interviews an episodes are in our Phineas and Ferb playlist.

Check out Dee’s huge free (really – he’s not selling stuff here) guide to everything you need to get started and even get advanced as a voice actor:

LASTLY..CANDACE AGAINST THE UNIVERSE is HERE! The new Phineas and Ferb movie JUST landed on Disney Plus alongside the release of this interview…which is why this interview is right here…right now (no 90s music reference intended)

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