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  1. Hey Piper!
    I don’t know if you still remember me but I met you at Sharkys (in Toluca Lake). I just wanted to say good job on the the videos!!!! How have you been? My tablet kinda broke soooo, if you want to email me back you would have to email it to my mom’s email which is. (janalcazar@gmail .com) Thx! BTW, have you ever interviewed LEO HOWARD?! Cause if you didn’t you totally should. A lot(and mean a lot)of girl like them. So maybe (maybe) your subscribers will skyrocket! You also sound awesome when you sing! You should d it wayyyyy more often on the videos!
    Chat to you later! (or TTYL8R)

  2. You are so lucky um how can I be on your show im not famous im trying to if i where on your show it would help me alot plz let my dreams come true i would be the happiest girl in the world i live in Miami so how could i be on ur show and do i need to send my resume cuz i don’t hav one hahaha but how could i plz respond ur biggest fan daviana :-]

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