Jake T. Austin Interview Wizard with Professional Kid Reporter Piper Reese! (PipersPicksTV 033)

Oh, yeah! You don’t have to be a wizard to know THIS is a BIG episode! Piper’s talking to the kewlest of the Russo family wizards!!! Yup, It’s Jake T. Austin…and we’re talking WOWP, Diego, Underage…and MORE! You’ll feel like your powers have been drained by Evilini if you miss this super-coolio episode! (This is also the 30th episode since we covered “Wizards of Waverly Place”! WOOT!). Check it out!

Jake’s links: Official Site!, Jake’s YouTube Page

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15 Comments on “Jake T. Austin Interview Wizard with Professional Kid Reporter Piper Reese! (PipersPicksTV 033)”

  1. hey its me…you know maria
    anyway i just didnt know that Jake T. Austin played Diego.
    Maria 🙂

  2. i think on your next show you should do wizards of waverly place the movie its coming out in like 6 days.

  3. hey its me again love your episode can you interview H2O please you rock or can you interview ashley greene from twilight

  4. hi piper you are so cute twilight rocks doesn’t it plus if its not to much trobule can you think of interviewing h2o from nickelodeon

  5. hi piper!!!!!! i LOVE your show.i just wanted 2 comment cuz i also have a webshow on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i wanted u 2 check it out!its called ijachel123!! i do it with my bff rachel.i’m the one who in the beginning says ”hi,i’m julian”!!!! PLUS!! i’m aming 2 be an actress/singer when i grow up and even when i’m a kid!!because i’m 9 anyway.and i was woundering if u could help me out on that cuz i have really good voice and i’m an amazing actress!!!!so PLEASE check out my show!!!! K BYE!!!

  6. Hey Piper ! Love ur WebCast 🙂
    can u do Miranda Cosgrove or Jennete MuCcrdy or Jerry Trainor? (Spencer)? or Emma Roberts ??? Im ur Biggest FAN!

    HOT lol kinda do more interviewing lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Great interview Piper! You need to have your own show on TV! You are way too cute and you’re an incredible interviewer! Keep up the good work!


    Tammy Spagnuolo

    P.S. Thanks again for doing a great job at my abused childrens event! You have had tons of request to come back! The kids absolutely loved you and you have a big heart!

  9. Hey Piper!!!! JAKE IS SOOO HAWT!!!!! I’m soooo glad u did an interview with him. Right now I’m watching Phineas and Ferb. I have a question for you: Have you seen Hannah Montana: The Movie? I did, and it’s really good. Can you do a Fred or Nathan Kress? Or maybe Miranda Cosgrove or Jerry Trainor (Spencer). Bye!!!!!!!!!

  10. Awesome! That was great interview! Jake seems likes a really neat actor and I can’t wait for you to visit the set! Keep up the great work team!

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