Anna Margaret Interview & Acapella singing w Youngest Professional Reporter Piper Reese! (PQP #015)

Tween celebrity entertainment reporter extraordinaire, red carpet ringmaster and the planet’s youngest podcaster (ok, ok) Piper Reese sits down with one of the newest, sweetest, talents to hit the Disney recording studio! It’s Starlight’s Anna Margaret! We can’t say enough nice things about Anna. Piper loves her. If you ask us…she should be headlining her own show (but what do we know? We only…produce…shows…hmmm). Oh yeah – she’s beautiful too!

Piper met up with Anna at a very special event, the Allykatzz Town Hall Meeting. Allykatzz is a perfect Piper’s Picks match! They’re totally pro-tween empowerment and positivity. Piper and Piper’s Picks was built on those principals. We are very impressed with what they’re doing for young girls. Totally check ’em out, yo!

Link’s: AllyKatzz! | Anna’s Twitter | Anna Margaret on iTunes
Link to Piper’s Picks TV full episodes Website

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112 Comments on “Anna Margaret Interview & Acapella singing w Youngest Professional Reporter Piper Reese! (PQP #015)”

  1. She is pretty and I really like her!!!! But when she’s singing and staring into the camera I felt scared lol.

  2. @mayrabris2cute Aweee…thank you…Anna Margaret is beautiful though, isn’t she?

  3. aww! your are so nice piper. complementing everyone! like saying your so pretty! 🙂

  4. Hey Piper! I was one of the Teen reporters at the Allykatzz THM. It was great meeting you! Also, love the interview with Anna- she’s so sweet and talented!

  5. you are a great singer. i love your song and breakfast by the ocean would be awesome. you are super lucky to meet her.

  6. @lillost I had them, but they just got taken back off for a little while. 🙂

  7. @Pinkynose499 Thanx! No, it’s not a new intro, it’s the intro for the Piper’s QUICK Picks episodes. The full length Piper’s Picks have the same intro – with Piper talking and stuff. PQPs are short interviews from red carpets and events…lets us get more material out, faster! Cuffs are PROBABLY from Justice for Girls.

  8. starstruck rules! i can’t believe you interviewed anna margaret! that’s awesome. another great interview

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