So, here’s the dillio, YO! The one and only tween entertainment reporter, planets youngest podcaster, princess of the press (yup, this is getting old) PIPER REESE found herself in YouTube land after TeamPiper said “Hey! Let’s drop in at VICON for a few hours.” Not long after, we ran into the AWESOMELY talented TAY ZONDAY! REALLY – You’ve GOT to check out TAY’s version of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”! His voice is TOTALLY PiPeRiFiC – ONE OF A KIND!!! He does TONS of his OWN music – really kewl, smart guy AND he’s even done a funny video with JENNETTE MCCURDY – yupperz!

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80 Comments on “TAY ZONDAY Chocolate Rain Interview SINGS “SOMETHING ABOUT PIPER’S PICKS TV”!? REALLY!? (PQP #035)”

  1. Heeyy whadaya mean “smiley face”u DO have to get invited to VICON so idk how u guys got there. probably connections… urgg

  2. Wait, I thought you had to get invited to VICON from YouTube. You can just “drop in” if you want? Just like that?

  3. @PipersPicksTV Awesome! I’m going and can’t wait. I’ve love to meet you. Your interviews are awesome…you’re like a celebrity to me now.

  4. It was akward because of Tay Zonday….he is always like that in other interviews I’ve seen him in. He kinda acts odd when on camera. lol

  5. @PipersPicksTV a quick question, how u get to meet actor and actresses like annasopia robb?

  6. @Xanthosis012 Haha…no, Piper’s never nervous…except when she met Pocahontas at Disneyland…not sure what that was about!

  7. @disneydarling1 Hehe…they’re totally on opposite vectors of the entertainment industry. Love the combination! hehe.

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