PQP #120: Idina Menzel’s Wicked Duet & Disney FROZEN Interview!

Idina Menzel‘s Wicked Duet & Disney’s FROZEN Interview!

OMG! OMG! OMG! IDINA MENZEL!!!!! HOLY PiPeRoNi!!!! I CAN…NOT tell you how MeGa-ExCiTeD-MaJoR I am about meeting and singing with ELFABA HERSELF…ON the red carpet…at Disney’s D23 Expo! IDINA MENZEL is soooooooo incredibly sweet and yes, beyond ToTaLLy PiPeRiFiC! I’ve been listening to WICKED since I was really little and OF COURSE I

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52 Comments on “PQP #120: Idina Menzel’s Wicked Duet & Disney FROZEN Interview!”

  1. Going 2C #FROZEN this morning! IDINA MENZEL frm #wicked is in it!! Idina interview w/SINGING on PPICKS: http://piper.tv/s/idme1yt #Disney #OMG #idinamenzel #disneyfrozen #Frozen #Interview #princessofthepress #piper #broadway

  2. if you never met the country singer Carrie Underwood she sings good songs like Before He Cheats Leave Love Alone and so on so if you see her ask her to sing one of her songs with you Okay.

  3. Thank you so much, Natasha! Did you see the No Good Deed video? Have an awesome weekend! <3 PiPeR

  4. Thank you so much! Yes, the MSN video is up! Piper dot tv forward slash s forward slash msn will get you to it. The Silly Bandz are really awesome. I think they have them down to $3. Thinking about Halloween…not sure yet! Any suggestions!?

  5. I love your clothes they are so cute! Is your interview with msn up? Whats one celebrity that you haven’t meet that you want to? p.s. I LOVE your silly bands and plan on buying some, but I don’t have any money so I guess I’m going to have to wait till Christmas 🙁 p.p.s what are you Halloween costume ideas so far?

  6. This is TokyoKawaii.TV®You are so ♥Kawaii♥Kawaii has the Magic to make life Happy♥!♥

  7. As U know Piper My Back Up Channel Is Discontuided So My Main Channel Can Send U Comments Okay Last SSB Screen Is Pilotwings Screen Can Comtinure In 8/26/13 Okay From Gabe

  8. Thank you so much! We’re putting more on the singing channel – PiperReeseSings

  9. Wicked, smicket. I prefer the “OZ, the Great and Powerful” version of events. 🙂 Though I must admit the two of you sang the duet really well!

  10. hey piper please read this comment it is my cottoncandy2929 me and my bff have a new channel and i just wanna say i miis you so much and thanks for the shoutout in you comments

  11. Subbed to your singing channel, and Happy Late Birthday Piper, you have an very pretty voice!!!! How old are you???

  12. Awesome, you got to sing with Idina. I like her too from Wicked, I love the song What is This Feeling and Defying Gravity

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