SABRINA CARPENTER from GIRL MEETS WORLD Sings Selena Gomez, Movie w Harry Potter & Talks w Piper!

Ready for 6 Degrees of PIPER REESE? So, PIPER’s PICKS has been in virtual contact with SABRINA CARPENTER since all the way back in 2010 about music. We’ve interviewed ROWAN BLANCHARD a few times for SPY KIDS 4. Well, not too long ago…PIPER finally met SABRINA in person…and SABRINA met ROWAN (yup, in person) while SABRINA was in LA to work on this NOT-so-secret upcoming (June 27th) Disney Channel show GIRL MEETS WORLD. With BEN SAVAGE and DANIELLE FISHEL on board from BOY MEETS WORLD, this could be Disney’s biggest show since HANNAH MONTANA! K.I.T.T. is even making an appearance (well, WILLIAM DANIELS)! So, let’s get the party started! Here’s our 1st official interview with SABRINA CARPENTER, Maya Hart from GIRL MEETS WORLD! (Stay tooooned for a new interview with ROWAN!)

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3 Comments on “SABRINA CARPENTER from Disney’s GIRL MEETS WORLD !”

  1. I am not even watch girl meets world anymore all I want is the whole cast and crew on this sequel and only then I will watch it all we need is rider strong and matthew lawernce to come in this sequel BMW Felt like I home to me and I keep watching their reruns when the pilot got started I didn’t like it at all and I didn’t enjoy it

  2. I think they’re going to have a few more stars from Boy Meets World show up. I remember either Rowan or Sabrina mentioning that to me.

  3. I have been a bigest fan of boy meets world and it has been a home to me I am upset that girl meets world isn’t doing that well with the performance of the show and not bringing some of the most important characters like rider strong matthew lawerence maury steerling and somehow michale needs to find the actor who plays stacey I do believe that there is a stacey beucase one of the episode corey alternative friends where shawn on the phone with her but I don’t think she a hunter Michale can bring in rider and matthew lawerence to get the raitings much higher

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