FOREVER IN YOUR MIND Forever Boys Disney Show Info, Singing, PLUS #FIYM Picks a Girl for Ricky!

Spencer & PEYTON LIST Talk CAMERON BOYCE’s Return to Bunk’d, KIRBY PLANET ROBOBOT & New Movies!

HoLy PiPeRoNi!!! I’ve done over 750 interviews, but this is the very first with FOREVER IN YOUR MIND! I’ve got questions that I didn’t get to cover with Ricky in my interview with him alone plus NEW info about the Disney Channel greenlit pilot FOREVER BOYS starring Ricky, Emery and Liam! What I can tell you is here…what I can’t…well, there’s some top secret stuff that I’m not allowed to discuss, but I can say from that info that FOREVER BOYS will be MeGa-AwEsOmE…PiPeRiFiC, one might say!

SO, we’ve got singing, tour info, upcoming new Disney Channel show info, Emery and Liam’s pick for the right Best Friends Whenever girl for Ricky and MORE. Yet, here you are reading the description? Seriously?

If you haven’t seen my other interview with Gus and Ricky about Best Friends Whenever…check it out here:

ONE MORE THING! I’ve got a cover of Enough About Me floating around these here parts….so check that out too y’all!

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