Griffin Gluck Talks Middle School Movie, Kisses Isabela Moner, Breaks Rules & Raps

Griffin Gluck Talks Middle School Movie, Kisses Isabela Moner, Breaks Rules & Raps?

OMG! This is our 250th Piper’s Picks TV episode?; our FIRST interview with Griffin Gluck; our LAST Piper’s Picks TV episode of 2016, our FIRST episode where we live streamed while the interview was being filmed; and the FIRST time we drove onto the Universal Studios backlot for an interview (and had a backstage tour tram hot on our tail – very PiPeRDeLiC experience). Yes, this is all pretty AwEsOmE stuff!

So, Griffin stars in Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (“stars” as in the lead role)! We watched the move before the interview and I was ready to rock with typical You will not want to miss a “special” scene with Isabela Moner! Piper’s Picks hard-hitting questions that the world needs answered! Griffin also has played Bruce Wayne and Talen in Batman vs. Robin. More? OK! He’s Scotty Fleming in Why Him? and is in upcoming movie The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island along with Joey King and some other people you’d recognize. Some of you also probably remember Griffin from Red Band Society or Private Practice (always awesome to appear on a Shonda Rhimes show)! There’s a lot more, so feel free to look him up iMDB (of course, after you watch the interview…which you’re probably doing right now instead of reading this video description).

Griffin is really funny and quickly caught on that this wasn’t going to be a typical interview! ? I had questions and was ready to rock. Check it out guyz…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!?

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