Leigh-Allyn Baker vs. Charmed Panther & Her Little Cutie Disses Good Luck Charlie?

Leigh-Allyn Baker vs. Charmed Panther & Her Little Cutie Disses Good Luck Charlie?

Happy Holidays, PIPERazzi! So, we were looking through some footage from this past year and remembered that we were saving this MeGa-AweSoMe interview with my favorite TV Mom, Amy Duncan! I was sooooo excited to meet Leigh-Allyn Baker at the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House Celebrity Stuffathon! It’s the first time we’ve met and she had her SuPeR-CuTe little guy, Griffin with her!

I’m guessing that I was the first person in a while to ask her about Charmed! Yes, as a Piper…who was named after Piper (Halliwell), I’m a HuMoNgOiD Charmed fan! Leigh-Allyn had an awesome (and somewhat freaky) story about an almost close-call with a Panther on set! She was on a bunch of episodes in Season 1 as Hannah Webster! If you haven’t seen Charmed, you have, like…a MUST-ADD for your Netflix account. (Off-subject, there’s an awesome song replacement we ran across called “Banging Away,” by Christine Harris, on We All Scream for Ice Cream (Season 3, Episode 10). Somehow, it’s almost unknown (and took forever to track down).)

Of course, we also talk a little about Good Luck Charlie, mostly when Griffin held back…not at all…on his feelings about the show! He’s soooo cute…and so funny! One of my favorites parts of the day was when Leigh-Allyn went a bit Amy Duncan later that day when trying to corral the huge group of us into a group photo. #MomGoals

The event was a special one for Leigh-Allyn. She had hosted the previous few #CelebritySTuffAThons as well as this one. There’s info in the interview…which, we should now let you watch instead of reading (as if you actually read this far down).?

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