Andi Mack Season 3 Surprise? Kim Possible Live-Action Movie & Piper’s Picks 10 Year Anniversary!

?OMG! Andi Mack Season 3!!! Let’s break this down and fill you in on what’s going on and why everybody had to be so nervous that the show wasn’t coming back when, ya know, it was! ?

?HoLY PiPeRoNi!!!! It’s our 10 Year ANNIVERSARY! We’re heading into our 11th year of production! YAY! Are you on our email list? It’s 10 years old…and you still haven’t found it? Check it out here:

❤️Next, you know the sitch! We’re getting into Kim Possible! (BTW…someone else with red hair who might be a good KP may be hosting…THIS SHOW). Personally, I think Parker should be Rufus.

?We’re getting into college talk (yeah…it’s been ten years), Our present and future plans for growing Piper’s Picks and MORE!

?OH! There’s something else that came up after this episode was filmed that was ToTaLLy UNEXPECTED, #Piperazzi! OMG! This is big. BE SURE you’re following on because there is ‘bout to be a WHOLE lot of activity…in Hollywood…and OVERSEAS! ?

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