Peyton Elizabeth Lee Andi Mack Update & Walt Disney Studios Rooftop View

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Hey Guys! It’s a Small World in this episode! We’re colliding an intro from Walt Disney Studios in Burbank with a brand new interview with Peyton Elizabeth Lee from Disney Channel’s Andi Mackat KCA 2019!

We’re bringing you some extended magic (without even having to stay at the resort) by bringing you some amazing locations from around Los Angeles & Hollywood! This time, since we’ve got a Disney Channel star, where better than doing an interview from Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California! This is seriously where the magic is made! It’s where Walt Disney himself actually set up shop! His office is still here too and was recently renovated (or retreated) to look just like it did back when he was working on location. From there, we go to Andi Mack herself, Peyton Elizabeth Lee!

Peyton looked beautiful and has definitely grown up since the last time we met! In this third interview, we’re catching up on what’s going on with Andi Mack. We talked a bit about Peyton’s approach to acting and hardest scene. Of course, there’s even a dating question in there! There’s been all kinds of speculation about Andi Mack Season 4. I’m betting it’s gonna happen! Listen to what Peyton says and see whatcha think!

Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
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