DAN AKYROYD & GHOSTBUSTERS Maze Walkthrough Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is Piper’s favorite event of the year, but this time was ToTaLLy over the top because we have a DAN AKYROYD Ghostbusters interview and maze tour! We asked about working on Ghostbusters 2020, Second City vs. Groundling and bridging comedy and fright in one movie (I’m sure we’ll see some of that in Ghostbusters 3)! (Watch for the The Second City vs. Groundlings question. The sincerity and admiration Mr. Akyroyd has in his response so heartfelt.) We’ve even got a question about Christmas with the Kranks thrown in! 

Following the interview, we’ve got a walkthrough of the Ghostbusters Maze at Universal Studios Hollywood! That may have been our favorite one this year! Slimer was all over the place. It’s incredible to see how much detail goes into the mazes! We’d love to do a behind-the-scenes on how the mazes are planned and constructed, but that just might take away from the paranormal magic at the event!

#HalloweenHorrorNights is definitely a must-see event where you get to walk the backlots where endless classic movies (and monster movies) were filmed! There’s lots more to come from this event, so stay tuuuuuuned! Let me know whatchya think about the Dan Aykroyd Ghostbusters interview and maze tour also!

If you want to see more of our interviews at Universal Studios Hollywood, be sure to check out one of the funniest interviews we’ve done since 2007 with none-other but…The Grinch!

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We’ll be picking pics from you guys wearing them to share on social media and on video! Watch for more info in the video!

Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
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