BH 9010 Peach Pit Visit & 90210 Jessica Stroup (Erin Silver) Flashback Interview!

Piper Reese Visits the Peach Pit Popup in LA and Flashback interview with Jessica Stroup!

READY for the BH90210 Reboot!? THIS GenZ girl watched all of Beverly Hills 90210 & 90210 (big 90s TV fan)! I visited the Peach Pit & After Dark this week and I’m pulling out my Jessica Stroup interview for y’all! Plus, I found out I’m a Brenda Walsh (awesome since I love Shannen Doherty too.)

That’s right! I never got a chance to release my interview with Erin Silver herself back in 2011 (and I hadn’t seen the whole show yet). So now in 2019 with BH90120 about to launch I say YES! Jessica Stroup ABSOLUTELY should be on BH90210! She’s SILVER after all! She’s related to David and Kelly (and of course Mel & Jackie) and Jessica’s character was actually on the original series! We spoke about Jessica’s favorite original cast members (which of course includes Jennie Garth) the Love Is Louder event she was hosting that night and some info about how Erin Silver ties the two shows together!

I ? Jessica and I had an AwEsOmE time going to the Peach Pit! I even got a miniature peach pie! It was sooo cute (and very good). I think Nat made it himself! Plus I got some kewl pics at the After Dark! 

So come time travel with me…back to the 90s (a decade I love and got my name from…Piper Halliwell in Charmed) to 2011 with Jessica and to 2019 at the Peach Pit pop-up and BH90210 promo event! 

OH and if you didn’t see my interview with Ian Ziering you seriously need to check it out here!
Thank you so much for watching guyz!
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