Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Hollywood 4K: Scream With Us in Mazes!

Piper Reese & Savannah Wilcox Scream Through Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2021 in 4K

Come scream with us for Halloween as we scream, talk & have fun at Halloween Horror Nights 2021 in Hollywood! I LOVE Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! Scream with us in mazes & scare zones including Mike Meyers, Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even visit Honeydukes at Harry Potter, and MORE! 

Is Halloween Horror Nights for YOU? Well, this will definitely help you decide!
Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
?PiPeR ReeSe

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Piper Reese (imdb) (host) is an LA based actress, voiceover artist, an ultra high-energy, relatable host, Industry-accredited reporter, and GenZ Internet personality. As an actress, Piper is recognized for her lead role on Nickelodeon/CiTV’s Deadtime Stories, Funny or Die, Awesomeness TV and That’s So Sketch! Piper is the lead in the award winning, anti-bullying/cyberbullying film From Under the Bridge: When Bullies Become Trolls. Piper is also featured in the super-popular Oh Bibi video game FRAG Pro Shooter (both in her likeness as Piper Reese and doppelgänger Evil Piper). As a host/reporter, Piper has conducted over 1,100 interviews with A-listers, producers, directors, studio execs, etc. Piper covers large scale events and publicity for theme parks, corporations, and every major studio in Hollywood. She’s hosted national projects for Delta, Pearson Education, and Funny or Die.
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