Piper’s Picks Pivots to Silverwerks Following Alien Abduction!?

We’re expanding! We’re growing! We’re Pivoting!

Our answer on ‘how to pivot a YouTube Channel:’ humor, high-energy & positivity! Piper’s Picks® planetary database shows the Silverwerks brand name is something we’ve been considering since at least 2011! So, 11 years later…here we go! ALL NON-TROLLY COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS & QUESTIONS WELCOME! We always want your input including constructive criticism! 

We’ll explain more as questions roll in, but here are the basics…

1) What about Piper’s Picks!?

Piper’s Picks is still here! We’re just operating beyond the bounds of Piper’s Picks! We have been for a long time! Piper’s Picks TV was supposed to be limited to our fam’s press coverage, interviews, red carpet interviews and ‘other cool entertainment things’ series. Now that we’ve gotten into scripted segments, pitching actual shows, That’s So Sketch!, T3: Teen Tech Talk, The Bottom Line, and some top secret new (and…😜…maybe NOT quite new) material, we’ve decided to put a “master level” brand name in place…to contain our weirdness! Don’t worry…the Piper’s Picks® trademark, brand, and content are still totally here and ready to roll in the same playlists as always! 

2) Where’s Piper!?

She’s not hanging out with Carmen Sandiego or even Waldo! Piper has decided to take a back seat from hosting. (No need to check your calendars, it’s not April Fools Day.) She’s focusing on other Piper-adventures for a bit. So the fam (usually Parker or Adam) might jump in for something MeGa-Kewl and we might dig into our archives of seen and unseen stuff, but we’re not replacing Piper as the official host on PIper’s Picks®. In Dana Carvey’s best SNL President Busch impression “Not gonna happen.” 

3) Are you doing more interviews?!?

Mayyyyyybeeeeee! BUT, if we decide to do it as an ongoing series, we’ll need a name for it! (Please don’t suggest Silver Picks TV…that’s really not so original, now is it? 😂).

4) What’s the secret material?

Secret…uhhhhh….material! We hear the nostalgia…we have the nostalgia

5) What about new series on the channel!

Gotcha covered! Hahahahaha! OTW, y’all!

Thank you so much for watching, guyz!
💖The Silverwerks Team (Feinsilver Fam)

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