AMBER LILY Interview DISNEY’s Next Big Thing Teaches Tween Reporter PIPER REESE to SING (PQP #022)

Yeah Y’all! The Planet’s Youngest Podcaster & only Tween Entertainment Reporter Piper Reese Met up with AMBER LILY from Disney’s NBT! It’s Amber singing accapella…talking with Piper about Selena Gomez…and giving Piper an intro to vocal lessons?!?!? What!? Check it out, y’all! Amber…Lily!!!

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89 Comments on “AMBER LILY Interview DISNEY’s Next Big Thing Teaches Tween Reporter PIPER REESE to SING (PQP #022)”

  1. Hmmmm…Amber Lily and the 2 with Amber Urban? Popular name here, hehe. Thanx for watchin’!

  2. ha ha ha ha ha!! the last 3 pqps i hav watched have been interviewed by an amber! and thats my name! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  3. [..YouTube..] Piper Reese: The Future Disney Pop Star?And her own Tv Show on Disney Channel?It would be so cool to see Our Sweetheart Piper as the Next Big Disney Channel Girl. We Love You Piper Reese! 🙂

  4. [..YouTube..] You are really lucky for getting to talk to all of these celebrities! I loved when you interviewed Ariana G. You are both so awesome 🙂 lol

  5. REALLY?! Ah! That’s awesome! MENTION ME PLEASE! lol I <3 him with a passion! 🙂

  6. omggg what an awesome video! 🙂 you did a great job piper! i loved your note lol! haha i am officially loving this Amber girl. hahaha and don’t forget to keep on open mind about another interview with Nathan Kress 😀 Where was this filmed?

  7. @PipersPicksTV yeah..i must say that this is first time i heard Amber sing so i hear it just here :)..i dont know her music……and thank you for reply…it made me happy:))

  8. @Mirigo Really!? We didn’t get that at all – Amber’s personality and sound seem sooo different. Maybe a similar genre.

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