DANIELLA MONET Interview plus Jerry Trainor Victorious iCarly with PIPER REESE! (PipersPicks 043)

Holy PiPeRoNi!!! The Princess of the Press(tm) and Hollywood’s youngest entertainment reporter Piper Reese (go on? OK….the Planet’s Youngest Podcaster too) sits down with the one and only…the beautiful Trina Vega! Yeah Baby! It’s Daniella Monet! This is one of our EXCLUSIVE cast interviews from before Victorious launched! Daniella is really an incredible actress…and, according to Parker, she even plays Mario! OH…one more thing! GUESS who interrupts the show! Yup, Spencer Shay himself, Jerry Trainor!
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105 Comments on “DANIELLA MONET Interview plus Jerry Trainor Victorious iCarly with PIPER REESE! (PipersPicks 043)”

  1. Yup! Very sweet! Piper’s brother likes her b/c she knows how to play Mario. Thank you for writing!

  2. Thank you so much! We’ve been working very hard on the show for over 4 years – it’s grown over time.

  3. Hi piper want to be friends? I’m 11 years old so I think we r about the same age!!! PLZ respond to this!!! 🙂

  4. Piper if u check out my videos I am the first person on the one that says thx piper so yeah

  5. @clubawesomest101 We’ve been working super hard on the show for over 4 years now. It’s grown since we started in FL

  6. me encantaria conoser a daniella monet que chica tan hermosa me enamoro cuando la beo por tele o por paginas web

  7. @CupcakeLyrics99 Either Piper or TeamPiper answers. Piper usually signs her posts. We don’t pose as Piper 🙂

  8. @chelsDcute103 Aweee! Don’t let being a kid stop you from reaching for your goals!

  9. :O you are so lucky! I’m 10 yrsold and i want to be in your shoes! I mean you get to meet stars of famous shows! and your just a kid! XD you are so cool!

  10. @poptropicagal What do you have to say abot the other interviews? She a really great reporter.


  12. @TheJenna1 You have no idea how much comments like that mean. The show is all about making people smile and forget about “stuff” for a few minutes! I have loads of school work too! <3 Piper

  13. hey! you r soo lucky! how did u get into the business? I wish i could get into the part u have soon! your r soo young and cute! 🙂 I SUPPORT YOU! 🙂

  14. You have big brown eyes and your always happy. I love the Jerry Trainer part keep up the good work! Also did you know you have your own Wikipedia biography? Well your a great actress thingy hehehe! <3 I AM A SUPPORTING PERSON AND SUBSCRIBER!

  15. Piper you are so darn cute and I miss you. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. hey i am gone make a webshowe!! love your show!!! hau do you mite this ppl!!!! i live in sviss!!!! love you!! you are cute!!!

  17. Hi Chase!! It’s me, Piper! I would never forget you or Austin! I hope I see you guys soon. <3 Piper P.S. The regular e-mail is TeamPiper [[at]] PipersPicks.tv

  18. remember me i no your big in hollywood and all but you cant cant forget about homtownroyal palm beachcounty ive known you befoe this show i just ante say hi

  19. OMG I think u are the cutest thing ever!!! I think U deff have a bright futuer ahead of you!!!! I cant wait to turn the TV on one day and see you one it!!! I think you deff have the it factor!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  20. omg ur famous! xD awesome video! 😀 can you tell trina to look at my channel? that would help me get popular ALOT!

  21. @BeepB00pB0p Haha! Check out the intro on Piper’s Picks TV #042… “Piperrrrr Powerrrrrrrrrrrrr!”

  22. how did u get so popular and how do u get on the red carpent and how do u get to talk to celebertys u are so cool

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