How To Make Gluten Free, Organic Cotton Candy for Kids & Yourself at Home (& Rescue Your Trolled Minecraft World)!

Cotton Candy Mod Fix for Minecraft Trolling & Griefing! Organic, Allergy Free and Raffey Cassidy

When Parker trolls his friend Sophie’s Minecraft world (or maybe griefs it…the details are kinda sketchy), there’s only one sweet solution: it’s a super life-hack cotton candy mod! Yes, this is the one and only Piper’s Picks official solution to a friendship that’s been tainted by trolling and/or griefing a friend’s Minecraft world.The Piper’s Picks: Food! premiere episode is HERE! We’re going back to the classic style Piper’s Picks TV in 2016…scripted storylines, baby! (Those of you who have been watching us for the full 8 years will know what it’s all about!) We’ve got a bunch of friends and one AwEsOmE little brother along for this one too!

We’re traveling from LA to a Winter Wonderland and back to bring you all the awesome fluff you need to know about making cotton candy and reversing the griefing. To help us out, we’ve got 3 Nostalgia Cotton Candy makers to show you. The big one is super-powered! It can be used at home or put to commercial use. The smaller two are perfect for home use. These machines all worked just like you see here! They’re MeGa-PiPeRiFiC! We put in a ton of work just for you, ya know…making and eating lots of cotton candy…organic cotton candy, that is! Our allergy free, gluten free, color dye free, mega-awesome cotton candy sugar flavors in this episode are from Cotton Cravings!

This episode is sponsored by Nostalgia Electrics, purveyors of fine cotton candy makers and lots of other really kewlio machines! Check out their products that we featured here on a special Piper’s Picks Nostalgia page.

Our sugar sponsor is Cotton Cravings. The smell in your house alone from their products is worth using in your Nostalgia machines! You won’t believe how much color and flavor they’ve put into their organic products. One containers lasts a really long time. Check them out at

Special thanks to our awesome friends/actors:
Parker Ryan (brother-unit)
Genna Weinstein
Rosie Phillips
Sophie Friedman (aka Raffey Cassidy)
Ian Champana

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