Is DATING Someone OLDER OK!? Plus Music Inspiration & Sharknado | #InsPIPERation 002

OMG! You guys have been SOOOOO MeGa-Supportive with the new #InsPIPERation series! Thank you so much for all of the questions you’re sending in! We’re speeding things up and getting this out quickly so that we can speed up and get to more of your questions!

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0:06 Naomi:
Guys I want to ask u something. so your in love with this guy but he is four years older what do u do can u date him or that will be a bad thing. well I think it’s a good thing as long as u love each other right. Please give me you honest opinion on this.

1:03 Rose Berry
Will you be in the next installment of Sharknado? I think that you would be perfect as a news reporter! ?????how much effort do you give to plan your career and then follow through?

1:44 Mae’s Galaxy
Will you check out my channel? When did you start reporting ? How old are you? What state and or country do you live in?

2:09 Emily_TheReader
Hey piper! Here’s my question: Have you ever been recognized out in public? Ilysm!!

2:25 Ophelia Chang
Piper, who’s your biggest inspiration when it comes to music???

Title: Dating Older Guys OK When He’s 4 YEARS Older, Music Inspirations & Sharknado
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