TeamDom CEO JAKE PAUL Talks Gary Vaynerchuk, Instagram vs. Snapchat, Bizaardvark the Death of Vine

TeamDom CEO JAKE PAUL Talks Gary Vaynerchuk, Instagram vs. Snapchat, Bizaardvark the Death of Vine

HoLy PiPeRoNi! It’s Jake Paul! Yup! We were just hanging out at Starlight Children’s Foundation’s 2016 #DreamHalloween event (more 411 below) and we ran into none other than entrepreneur, actor, Vine star, and just a kewl guy himself! There are so many ways you might know him. Jake is one of the MeGa-HuMoNgOiD Vine break-out stars; a star on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark (he plays Dirk); he’s in movies (he even wrote one of them…watch for Airplane Mode), and, most impressively, he’s a entrepreneur (a real one).

Trivia Time…6 Degrees of Separation: Jake recently appeared on The #AskGaryVee Shooooowwwww. Piper recently appeared in a video she submitted to the same show too (see here: ). BTW…I’ve been following up, Gary…and I’m still waiting on a time for my interview! OK, moving on…

So, Gary has become a mentor to Jake (like so many other people). Gary is also an investor in Jake’s startup, TeamDom, a business focused on building brands around Teen entertainment and media. Yes, yes it does sound like a great partner for what we’ve been working on. ? Jake also is part of Team 10 ( ). All that, and 19 years old. So, for those of you who ask how I’ve gotten to do what I do…I’m definitely not the only busy teen.

Jake was one of many celebrities in attendance at #DreamHalloween, a special event for hundreds of kids supported by LA area hospitals who were able to go attend, thanks to Starlight’s Sponsors. We happened to be at the event because Nintendo, one of the main sponsors, invited us to attend.

We know a lot of you guys are involved with community service (maybe on your own or through school or through an outreach group). Piper’s Picks highly recommends taking a look at Starlight Children’s Foundation. Starlight ( is on the front lines when it comes to helping seriously ill kids. There are over 30 million kids in the United States alone suffering from serious illness. These kids are often in the hospital for a long time and bravely taking on painful and scary medical treatments. Starlight helps our smiles on their faces. We covered a Starlight event in the past. They always go all-out for seriously ill kids and put everything into making their lives a little more magical. They’ve been at it since 1982. It’s really amazing to see how much goes in to their work.?

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