Leo Laporte Levels Up on TWiT! MeGa-AwEsOmE Interview at TWiT Studios!

Leo Laporte Levels Up on TWiT! MeGa-AwEsOmE Interview at TWiT Studios!

HoLy PiPeRoNi! We finally made it to the TWiT Studios! TWiT has been a MaJoR-HuGe inspiration behind Piper’s Picks TV since we launched nearly 10 YEARS ago! When we started in South Florida back in 2007, there was no other online entertainment news show. We couldn’t even find anyone in the entertainment industry on Twitter (not even Disney or Nick)! Almost nobody had even heard of a podcast! But, there was Leo Laporte, aka The Tech Guy! Leo took his radio and Tech TV background and created a future model for online broadcasting.

TWiT shows how well produced, professional content can be delivered online and compete with the entertainment Industry at a very small fraction of the cost (and with much more involvement with viewers). Today, Leo and his team are producing about 20 podcasts per week from TWiT.TV and pulling in 7 million downloads per month. There’s a ton of TWiT content you’ll want to check out. Just type TWiT into Google or iTunes!

We’re talking about everything from iJustine and Apple to Minecraft, ColecoVision, publicists, branding and marketing! Oh! BTW, after we toured the TWiT studios, Leo actually asked Piper to join his panel on TWiT! Be sure to check it out: http://piper.tv/s/twit

PPicks Insiders Note: If you really want to go back in time to check out one that motivated us most o launch Piper’s Picks TV, check out This Week In Tech 92, The Tiki Gods (with Jeff Macpherson and Kevin Gamble from the classic podcast, Tiki Bar TV)!

Host: Piper Reese
Produced and edited by: Adam Feinsilver

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